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Our consultants have years of experience in managing and working as Architect, Designer, Developer with many national and global projects. We help our clients take their Digital products and solutions to the market faster with our own delivery model that fosters collaboration and avoids obstacles.
Telecom Consulting
Our consultants specialise in making sense of the challenges surrounding the telecoms, media and technology sectors in order to help clients around the world make critical business decisions.
Good quality documents are prepared for each project by our team. Project documentation is, naturally, project specific, and gives much-needed structure to product development.
Migration Experience
The experience has enabled us to build up a robust set of tools and processes to manage this mission critical service. Our proven methodology tackles all major migration challenges including business processes and staff training, systems integration, and of course the data migration itself.

About The Company

It's a brand new company which provide the excellent solutions

M&M Technology Consulting, originally a United Kingdom company, was formed in 2018 by 2 managing partners, each with over 10 years of experience in Information and Technology sector. The company provides IT and Business consulting services on CRM, Integration, Order Management, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Big Data applications in Telecommunication and Finance sector since 2018. Our consultants have years of experience in managing and working as Architect, Designer, Developer with many national and global projects.

Managing Partners

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We're constantly improving our skills to fulfill projects of any level
Telecommunications Consulting
Integration Architecture
Order Management
Enterprise Solution Architecture
Cloud Solutions
Testing and Quality Assurance

Main Work Principles

Team Work and Cooperation
One Team, One Goal
High Standards of Scientific Excellence
Being Center of Excellence
Really Thorough Case Studies
Case Studies for Your Company

The Best Functional and Technical Design

Functional and technical designs are counter measures for risks that cannot be neglected. However, these designs should be determined in outlines during the funnel – roadmap and release planning. The details of the functional design are captured by the means of features. Features must be described with meta-data attributes so that they can be generated and become part of the artefact repository. The expansion of the functional design should be on feature base instead of cycle base. The same is valid for the technical design. The technical design however is generated based on the stories rather than the features.

Reliable Solutions
It is a highly reliable technology provider that emphasizes stability and quality of service in addressing the business critical needs of our customers.
Expert Support
We offer a comprehensive operational subscription service that lets you select what’s needed to better manage your business services and outcomes.

The Detailed Case Analysis Helps Us To Provide Best Solutions

The better we understand your requirements, the easier it is for us to create a clear roadmap for your vision. We are extremely skilled at asking the right questions, sorting out conflicting interests, and bundling these elements in a rigorous and coherent manner. After completing our requirements analysis, we are able to provide you with a clearly structured roadmap that is ready to be implemented.

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